Gakpo believes the game against the Seaguls is not an accident.

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Liverpool forward Kody Gakpo has warned Brighton they will face the real deal in Sunday’s FA Cup fourth round tie. Explain the reason for the disappointing defeat in the previous league game. It’s just an accident. But this time will definitely be different.

Liverpool ‘s offensive line , Cody Kakpo, commented on the game that Red Machine’s partisans lost 3-0 to Brighton and Hove Albion in the Premier League. in the middle of last month It’s just a football accident and will definitely be different from the UFABET game that will invade to visit again in the FA Cup 4th round on Sunday, January 29.

Gakpo believes the game against the Seaguls is not an accident.

The Reds can’t fight, both dominating the game, cutting the game and resisting the Seagulls’ aggressive attack game , which German boss Jurgen Klopp admitted that He couldn’t remember any match that had played worse than this one. The 23-year-old star who has just moved from PSV Eindhoven in this round of the player market is confident that this match his team will show a different form of play.

“Everybody knows what happened in Brighton,” said the Netherlands international. What happened was just an accident. and go there for victory They play football well. But I think if we can hold the ball and play our way of football. we will be a better team my personal feeling is that everyone in the team is a very quality player which sometimes things It’s not going the way you want. We just have to keep improving, work hard and the quality will come out and then you can see the real Liverpool .” 

Due to an injury to Uruguay striker Darwin Nunez, Kakpo has to take on the forward role instead. Causing the person to still not be able to squeeze out a good form By playing 4 games, unable to break through the net against the opponents for the new team However, he may return to the left flank for the trip to the Amex due to the ferocious striker. Fit is back on the field. 

“It’s a little bit different from what I’m used to. Normally I’ve been playing on the left for almost three years, so it’s something I need to improve on. play in the forward position And I want to show my quality. Great position and playing there often. It will make me more complete as Technical players, “Star Windmill said.