Guide to Choosing a Table for Maximizing Profits in Cash Games

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1.Find Players With VPIP Profits More Than 40%

Most Of These Players Will Like To Call To Win, Always Come To Buy, Simply Called A Winner Another Thing Is That They Like To Act Like Heroes. Suspected That You Would Always Bluff Him. All You Have To Do Is Sit Back And Wait For The Good UFABET Cards And Deal With Them.

2. Look For Someone Who Buys In Less Than 100 Bb.

Most Good Players Always Have A Minimum Buy-In Of 100bb, So That When The Opportunity Comes They Will Be Able To Make Full Profits. Unlike Normal Players Who Will Buy-In As They Like, For Example In 2/4 Games, They May Only Buy-In 120 Baht (30bb If 100bb Is 400 Baht). As You Would Have Guessed, He’s Probably Not A Very Good Player.

3. Look For Someone Who Likes A Limp.

Limp Is A Preflop Call Without A Race. Usually, Most Good Players Don’t, Because Limps Are Almost Useless In Poker.

Guide to Choosing a Table for Maximizing Profits in Cash Games

4. Sit To The Left Of These Players.

From All The Said Players The Best You Can Do Is To Sit To Their Left. Because You Will Have A Position Above Him And Can Play With Him As You Like Sitting To The Left Of These Players Is Probably The Most Profitable For You In Poker.

5. Play More Poker At The Right Moments.

Weekends Are The Most Enjoyable Times To Play. Because It Will Attract A Lot Of Players Who Are Not Serious. Or If You Are Really Busy On Weekdays, When People Get Off Work, Around 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM. It Is Another Good Money Well As Well.

6. Choose The Right Place To Play.

If You’re Ranked 5th In The World And Your Table Is Only Lined Up With People Ranked 1-4 In The World, Do You Think You’ll Win? Same Principle You Don’t Have To Be The Best. But You Just Need To Find Someone Worse Than You.