Manchester United 2-0 Everton: Picking up the issues after the game

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Manchester United 2-0 Everton: Picking up the issues after the game. The ”Red Devils” return to form, beating the Blue Toffees at home in the Premier League.

Erik ten Hag’s team returned to a negative goal difference (0) after winning over blue toffee

Manchester United 2-0 Everton: Picking up the issues after the game

4-2-4-0 again With limited resources due to player injuries. Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag decided to set up a starting 11 similar to the league loss to Manchester City last week.

Chart of standing patterns before the game. The ทางเข้า ufabet club and Premier League channels expect United to play a 4-2-3-1 with Bruno Fernandes on the right flank, Garnacho on the left, McTominay on the low flank and Rashford, target

However, when looking at the formation on the pitch, Ten Hag deployed the same setup as the game against Manchester City, that is, 4-2-4-0 or 4-6-0, which was the second time this season.

Formation 4-2-4-0

4 is the back four.

2 is Mainu paired with Casemiro for a two-man defense.

4 are McTominay and Bruno Fernandes, with Marcus Rashford as the left winger and Alejandro Carnacho as the right winger.

0 means there is no target striker, with Bruno being a fake striker or ”False 9”.

The Red Devils captain will place long balls or thrust through the gaps into free space for Rashford or Garnacho so that one of them can use their speed to attack.

Everton has nothing.

Everton started well. The players played according to Sean Dyche’s plan, which was to press up against Manchester United, which worked because the home players clearly made mistakes.

Dyche’s team created more chances than the home side in both the first and second half. By pulling the trigger 23 times in total, 6 times on target, divided into the first half, 11 times the trigger, 2 times on target, and the second half 12 times, 4 times on target.

However, when delving into the details They had more possession, created more chances. But the big problem is They don’t have the quality to score. There is no quality in the final area.

That’s not enough. Their defense also made some simple mistakes which resulted in a penalty being awarded to the home team once again.

The first person in history

Alejandro Carnacho has become the first player in Manchester United’s history to call two penalties in a single Premier League game.

He flashes and creates problems for the visiting team’s defenders. and made a win-win pass to give his friend a chance to score a goal 2 times

”I love working with Alejandro Carnacho, he likes the challenge,” Ten Hag told reporters after the game.

”He has great courage and confidence. Our job is to push him to a higher level. He has a lot of potential. When you were still a rising star You never know what it takes to perform at a high level every time. What does three games mean?”