The starting card that makes the most money In a situation where there are many players

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Playing In A Multi Players Pot, It’s Important To Pick A Starting Hand That Can Land A Very Strong Hand.

1. Pair Card

That Pair Has An 11.8% Chance Of Landing On The Flop, Which If Landed Is A Very Strong Hand That Is Hard To Lose. But We Should Be More Careful When Dealing With A Board With A Flush Face, Straight Face.

2.Card Suited Connectors

These Are Consecutive Cards Of The Same Color, E.G., Or Cards That Are Not Contiguous But Have A Gap. These Cards Can Be Played Well, For Example, Because They Can Win Both Pairs, Trips, Straights, Or Even Flushes. Which Plays Very Well In Multi-Player Pots. 

The starting card that makes the most money In a situation where there are many players

How to earn extra income from Poker 500 baht per day!! no more than 2-3 hours per day

1. Play Games At Level 2/4 Baht (Or 1/2 But It Will Take Longer).

Most Of The Micro Stake Players Are New Players. It’s A Good Source Of Fish To Make A Profit!

2. Play Tight Agreesive Style Only!
This Style Of Play It Is The Best Play For Micro Stakes Due To The Pressure. And Concise Within

3. Play About 1000 Hands Per Day.

Some Days You May Make Profits Early Or Late, But By Playing Well. You Will Make An Average Profit Within 1 Day Within 1000 Hands.

4. Open To Play At The Same Time 3-4 Tables

Opening Multiple Tables At The Same Time It Saves Us Time To Play But You Have To Be A Good Player. At A Level That Can Concentrate On The UFABET Game

5. Only Play When You Can Play Your Best.

How You Play While In The A Game Is The Most Important. Because You Can Break Easily If You Make The Wrong Decision In A Poker Game

6. Stop!! When The Goal Is Reached

Stopping When The Goal Is Reached It Is One Of The Most Important Strategies To Make Money From Poker.