What to Do When You’re in the “Running Bad” Stage in Poker

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Take A Break!

You Should Stop Playing When Running Badly Affects Your Play And Judgment. Because If You Continue To Play, It Will Only Cause Negative Consequences. Use This Break Time To Spend With Family, Friends To Help Relieve Stress.

Relax And Keep Playing

This Option Requires Players To Have Experience And Good Discipline. Because Running Badminton Means You Played Well. But Destiny Just Wasn’t On Your Side. You Keep Playing In A UFABET game Because In The Long Run. If You Are A Good Player In The End, You’ll Still Make A Profit Anyway.

Play More ABC Style.

When You’re In Run Badminton, You Need To Play Tighter And Tighter, Minimizing Bluffs And Hard Moves. Because The Harder You Play During Run Badminton You Have Less Chance Of Success.

What to Do When You're in the "Running Bad" Stage in Poker

5 mistakes to avoid when playing AA

1.Slow-Play Pre-Pop

Playing Good AA, We Should Be Able To Build A Big Pot As Quickly As Possible. In Order To Minimize The Stacks Behind Us This Makes It Easier For Us To Make Decisions After The Flop Opens.

2. Increase The Size Of The Preflop Raise

We Should Always Race The Same Size Preflop On All Hands. Because If You Race With AA Size Bigger Than Normal Handlebars At Race Maybe The Opponent Will Catch The Way!

3. Ready To Go Bankrupt After The Flop Opens In A Multiway Pot.

Multiway Pot Is A Pot That Has Many Players. In A Pot Like This, There’s Very Little Chance That Your AA With Just One Pair Will Still Win. Especially If It’s Open To The River, Don’t Expect It!

4. Play Too Passively In A 1-1 Situation.

Playing AA In A 1-1 Situation Is Very Different Than In A Multiway Pot Situation. What You Should Do Is Play AA As Aggressively As Possible. To Get Value From Worse Hands And Protect Your AA From Being Overtaken By Worse Hands.

5. Overloading AA Value In Scary Board.

Boards Like 456, Or Those Numbered Boards Next To Each Other, You Should Be Very Careful When Playing AA. Because Your Opponent Can Have Two Pairs, Straights Or Straights That Beat You All.