When to Folding!

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For Poker Aficionados, Folding Each Time Is Always A Hassle Because We Have The Desire To Win Every Pot We Play, But Playing Too Many Hands Or Not Knowing How To Fold Will Cause You To Lose A Lot. That’s Why Folding Is One Of The Most Important Skills In Playing Poker And Almost Every Pro-Player, Besides Being Good At Reading Hands, Is Also Good At Folding.

When To Fold In Pre-Flop

The Hands That Are Dealt In Each Turn Are Very Playful. But I Want You To Know That Most Poker Players Fold At 75% Of Their Starting Hands, Even If That Player Is Loose, They Will Fold At Least 70% Of Their Starting Hands.

So How Do We Know When To Play Or Fold? Therefore, We Need To Set A Hand Range For Each Postion.

Hand Range For Poker Players

A Good Range Hand Will Help You Fold More Easily With A Simple Concept: Tight In The Early Position And Looser As You Approach The Late Position.

When to Fold!

When To Fold In A Flop

In The Flop, There Will Be A Factor Many Things That Help Us Fold More Easily

  • Your Pre-Flop Hand Isn’t Strong Enough On The Flop.
  • Someone Who Has Never Bluffed An Action Such As Bet Or Raise.
  • When Holding A Pocket Pair In The Pre-Flop, There Are Overcards In The UFABET Flop.
  • When No Pair Or Draw Is Caught On The Flop
  • When Pot Odds Are Not Worth The Draw
  • When A Tight Person Performs A Strong Action

Fold Is Not Something Easy To Do, It Takes Practice And Experience. But Once You Do, Your Poker Play Will Be Much Easier And More Successful.