3 skin diseases that often occur in the hot season Complete with how to take care of it

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Asst.Prof.Dr.Marisa Pongpruttiphan Head of the Skin Unit Internal Medicine Department Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society states that sunlight is not only harmful to the skin. Because it provides both vitamin D that helps us have strong bones But it is an advantage that comes with disadvantages. Because sunlight causes the skin to lack moisture, dull skin and may increase the risk of skin cancer as well. Therefore, it is the reason that In the summer we should take extra care of our skin.

3 skin diseases that often occur in the hot season Complete with how to take care of it

Skin diseases that occur in the hot season

  1. Diseases caused by heat rash Caused by dampness caused by sweat. Clothes that are not covered at all times Not very ventilated Until it can cause a red rash on the body.
  2. Skin diseases caused by fungi Symptoms include a rash or inflamed blisters in various folds such as the armpits, under the chest, etc. The rash can be gathered together in large sheets. and can have itching
  3. skin allergy When the skin encounters sweat You may develop a rash that you didn’t have before. And rashes often occur in areas where sweat frequently occurs, such as the forehead, the crook of the arms and legs, and the armpits, ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com etc.

How to care for your skin in summer

Skin that tends to have more problems in the summer than others. Those with oily skin Because when fat is mixed with sweat Makes fat spread more. It may make your face feel oilier than usual.

Blotting sweat with a handkerchief Or a light tissue can do this. But it is not recommended to use paper to press hard to absorb oil. Because too much fat may be extracted from the sebaceous glands. If you can wash your face It can be done as well. It is recommended to use a mild soap. To wash your face

People with dry skin May cause irritation from sweat stains. And there may be a burning sensation. 

If sweat contact with the skin can be reduced as much as possible. It will be the best thing.

How to choose sunscreen To take care of your skin in the summer

You should choose a sunscreen that is effective in protecting your skin from both light A and light B, that is, choose a sunscreen that contains titanium. or zinc oxide or the UVA symbol and has a circle around it Including specifying the PPD or PA value. As for the SPF value, you should choose from SPF 30 or higher and sunscreen should be reapplied when you have to spend outside all day.